Solar Lowdown

Why Go Solar?

Here are the top 3 reasons why we believe it’s worth putting solar panels on the roof of your home.

1. Save money on your power bills

Depending on when you use electricity and the price per kWh, a solar system will pay for itself in 6-10 years. So if you’ve got a few thousand dollars sitting in the bank, it would make sense to put it into solar. Or if you haven’t, you can buy the panels with a loan from a bank, finance company or credit union. With the right payment arrangement, your outlays can stay much the same as your past power bill and you own the system in the end. (Note that because we are not qualified to give financial advice, you should check with your financial adviser first).

2. Reduce your CO2 emissions

By going solar you are taking one of the best actions available to you to fight climate change. Every kW of solar (around 6 panels) saves up to a tonne or more of CO2 per year.

3. A step towards going off the grid

It is now becoming possible, with the aid of solar and batteries, for communities to decide to take themselves off the grid. This will result in financial benefits to local communities as the money stays local, greater energy security and greater empowerment of communities.