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MASH Project Heads for a Bright New Day

Castlemaine’s not-for-profit Hub Foundation has owned and managed the MASH community solar bulk-buy project since it started in mid 2014, as well as the newly launched Hepburn Solar Bulk-Buy.  To date, over 850 solar systems have been successfully installed by MASH suppliers in central Victoria. As a result, MASH has been instrumental in raising the solar penetration in Mount Alexander Shire from 18% four years ago to 28% today as well as made a significant impact on the Macedon Ranges Shire and City of Greater Bendigo.  The result has been a huge fall in CO2 emissions by around 5,000 tonnes per year.

MASH now under new management

The project has been directed over the four years by Neil and Heather Barrett, and Mark Carter, with day to day management by Executive Officer, Jo Kaptein,  In recent times, as many will know, Neil and Heather have become very involved in The Paddock eco village development on the edge of Castlemaine, to the point where they have decided it’s time to pass MASH over to another not-for-profit, the Central Victorian Greenhouse Alliance (CVGA) which is also based in Castlemaine. The Hub Foundation are very confident that the CVGA has the capability to further enhance the penetration of MASH solar systems into residential areas throughout central Victoria and beyond.

Jo Maher, MASH customer in Castlemaine with her new Tesla Powerwall 2 home battery, together with from left to right, Neil Barrett, Chair, The Hub Foundation, Jo Kaptein, MASH solar bulk-buy, Rob Law, Executive Officer, Central Victorian Greenhouse Alliance. Photo credit: Carmen Bunting

Central Victorian Greenhouse Alliance

The CVGA is a network of 12 local governments in central and northern Victoria, founded in 2001. The CVGA have a long history delivering community energy projects such as the Central Victorian Solar City project from 2010-2013 and more recently the Solar Savers program targeting low income pensioner households. The CVGA is managed by a board consisting of representatives of the councils, with day-to -day management by Executive Officer, Rob Law.  You can read more about CVGA at:

Jo Kaptein, one of the driving forces behind MASH, will now work with CVGA in the same role she has fulfilled so successfully at the Foundation. She transfers to the CVGA with the directors’ very best wishes.

No change for past MASH customers

All MASH customers have signed contracts with the program’s various suppliers – not with MASH or The Hub Foundation – over the past four years. Customers with warranty issues should contact their supplier for advice in the first instance.  Alternatively, they can go direct to the manufacturer of the panels or inverter. Customers can rest assured that MASH, under CVGA control, will support past customers as effectively as it has under the Hub Foundation.

Finally, The Hub Foundation wish to give a big thanks to MASH’s 850 customers and to its suppliers, staff and contractors. The CVGA looks forward to continuing the success of the MASH program delivering wide ranging benefits to the communities of central Victoria.

For more information about both the MASH community solar bulk-buy and the Hepburn Solar Bulk-Buy (which is organised by the MASH team), visit or call the MASH team on 1300 466 274.