The Hub Foundation Projects

Project #1: Footpath veggie wicking beds

The first project of The Hub Foundation has been to build and promote vegetable wicking beds on the footpath in Templeton St, Castlemaine, in partnership with The Hub Plot, a project of Castlemaine Community House. Six boxes have been completed and the public reaction has been overwhelmingly favourable. On any day it is estimated that over 100 people pause to look at the boxes and plants, to read the signage and to ask questions if there is anyone in attendance. The aim is to encourage other organisations to have boxes built on the footpaths near their shops and offices. We are having discussions with the Council in order to make the planning and building process a little easier than it currently is.

Project #2: Climate change mural

The second project was a mural on climate change in Templeton St, Castlemaine. This was created by the children of the Castlemaine North Primary School with the help of Ben Laycock, and other local artists.

Project #3: MASH

The third project was MASH, the Mount Alexander Solar Homes project which morphed into More Australian Solar Homes as we started to go well beyond the shire of Mount Alexander into surrounding shires.
In the 4 years until we passed MASH over to the CVGA we installed just over 900 solar systems and helped to raise the penetration of solar from 18% of homes in Mount Alexander to close to 30%. It was a hugely successful project as it reduced emissions in the shire by close to 4,000 tonnes pa for the next 25 years or so. It also saved residents around $500K to $800K per year due to lower electricity bills and helped raise consciousness about the need for environmental sustainability and action on climate change.

Project #4: Bike sculpture

The fourth project was the bicycle sculpture on the wall of the Hub building. This promotes bikes in an artistic way. It is was developed with the assistance of local sculptor.

The Hub Foundation and its directors also support financially a range of organisations committed to action on climate change, including the ACF, Environment Victoria, Getup, and Greenpeace.

Project #5:

Take Your Canvas Bags – Castlemaine celebrates

Plastic Bag Free Castlemaine , a project of The Hub Foundation brought together this fabulous celebration for the upcoming Victorian State Government ban on plastic bags. Film by Cath South and Stewart Carter of People Pictures. March 2019


Project #6: Live Lightly for a Safe Climate

The Hub Foundation has a fine tradition of supporting local artists and encouraging local action on climate change.
When it was time for a new mural, The Hub Foundation were drawn to the delightful and inspiring work of award winning local illustrator and author Trace Belle.  “Trace’s work both inspires and informs, reflecting a vision of the world that is much needed at this time”, says Lucy Young coordinator of the mural project.
Many elements of ‘Live Lightly for a Safe Climate’ mural are present in Castlemaine, however, this mural is not specific to this town, or Dja Dja Wurrung country, rather it is meant to delight and inspire anyone, anywhere.
As Trace says in this short clip, she would love the image to live in many places, as a digital print, anything is possible and The Hub Foundation welcome enquiries from other communities who are interested in replicating the image in their own town/communities.
Contact details can be found here.

Project #7: Castlemaine Trishaw – Cycling Without Age

After an industrious 5 years we have purchased a TRISHAW that will enable more Castlemaine residents to enjoy cycling! The Trishaw was purchased by The Hub Foundation to support the Cycling Without Age – Castlemaine Chapter. Cycling Without Age is a not-for-profit charity that provides a community service by connecting elderly people and those less-abled with their community and the outdoors by giving them free rides on trishaw ebikes, piloted by volunteer cyclists.

Project #8: YIMBY – Yes in My Backyard