Facts and Fun Stuff


(thanks to Plastic Bag Free Daylesford)

  • Australia uses at least 5 billionplastic bags per year
  • Limited-use plastic bags are used on average for 12 minutes
  • Only 3% of plastic bags are recycled
  • Bags that are not recycled end up in our limited landfill or as litter in our natural environment having devastating effects on marine life, water systems and landscapes
  • Plastic bags can last up to 1000 years: every bit of plastic ever used still exists.
  • Biodegradable or degradable plastic bags are still single use and require oxygen to breakdown. In landfill they are buried and break down anaerobically, releasing methane, a major contributor to greenhouse gases
  • Plastic bags are contributing to the 8 million tonnes of plastic that is entering our oceans annually

Mount Alexander Shire plastic Bag usage.

Extrapolating from (conservative) National figures:

  • As .073% of the Australian population, the Mount Alexander Shire population use at least 6 millionplastic bags every year, or 10000 per day!
  • 5 million bags end up in MAS landfill each year.
  • Around 36,500 bags end up as litter each year in our shire.

Fun Stuff

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