Solar Lowdown

The barriers to solar

Our research has highlighted the barriers to taking up solar. One is that people don’t trust the many companies whose telemarketers are annoying them on the phone. Will the work be done and done safely? Will there be hidden costs which were not mentioned prior to the day of installation? Will the tree shading my roof be a problem? These are all questions which cause anxiety for householders.

Another barrier is what may be called `technology confusion’. Because there are many types and quality of panel and inverter on the market, it’s very difficult for the average householder to decide what’s best. As a result, many people have decided to wait until an offer they can trust comes along.

A third barrier is cost. Although solar prices have fallen a lot, one-off installations  are still relatively expensive for many people.

With MASH+ we are breaking through all these barriers. You have a trusted supplier recommended by other organisations, you can have the different panels and inverters clearly explained and you can pay a discounted price up-front or over time.