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Solar matters, week 8

Read Neil Barrett’s column in The Midland Express (week 8, 26/8/2014) on the MASH+ solar truck arriving in Castlemaine; leasing vs buying; ‘goodies and baddies’ in electrical retailing; and latest stats on global temperatures . Here’s an extract:

“The MASH+ project has suggested people who are strapped for cash enquire about a loan from the Community First Credit Union at just over six per cent. Early indications are that the folk at CFCU have been great to deal with. If paid off over 10 years a loan for a 3kW system will cost $52 per month in repayments and interest. Contrast that with the benefits: put simply, a family paying 29c per kWh from the grid and using 50 per cent of the solar it produces, should save around $60 per month on its power bills.”

“Three big electricity retailers – Origin, AGL and Energy Australia – have recently been strongly opposing the Renewable Energy Target. This has led Greenpeace to set up the Green Electricity Guide to help consumers figure out who are the ‘goodies’ and the ‘baddies’ in the battle over renewable energy. The ‘goodies’ according to Greenpeace include Powershop, Momentum, Diamond and Red.”

Read the full article here.