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Solar Matters, Week 4

Read Neil Barrett’s column in The Midland Express (week 4, 29/7/2014) on how to work out the full contribution solar makes to your hip pocket, the latest on the RET (Renewable Energy Target) and how local businessman, Doug Hansford, and his tenants are benefiting from his investment in solar panels on Geo Clark Place office and retail complex in Castlemaine. Here’s an extract:

“Clearly, many solar owners have trouble understanding the full contribution solar makes to their hip pocket”, says Neil Barrett of The Hub Foundation.

“You see, the power bill only mentions the amount of solar power the utility buys from you when you’re not using it; it doesn’t mention the amount of solar power you use free of charge in the house instead of buying at 30 cents per kWh from the grid.”

“So when one (initially) grumpy caller, Kevin, got his bills out and told me how many panels he had on the roof, we found that the total solar contribution was almost $800 which was 10 times the value of the solar power he’d sold back to Origin.”

“You can find out how to do this calculation in the FAQ section of the Hub Foundation website.”

Read the full article here.