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Heritage overlays and heritage-listed houses

At our Info Meetings in Castlemaine and Maldon on 10th and 16th July, several questions were asked about the impact of heritage overlays and the Victorian Heritage Register on solar pv development. The Shire’s Acting Manager Development Services, Daniel Borton, has advised that

“Heritage Overlays exist throughout the shire. Before installing solar, you should check whether your house has a Heritage Overlay. This can be done by contacting the Council and asking to speak to Planning department, or by checking online at, and doing a search through planning maps online. If your house is in a Heritage Overlay, you will need a planning permit if the panels will be visible from a street, or from a public park. If the works are under $10,000 the cost for a permit is $102, and the permit may take up to 60 days.

If your property is listed on the Victorian Heritage Register, you must approach Heritage Victoria for a heritage permit.”