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Solar Matters, Week 6

Read Neil Barrett’s column in The Midland Express (week 6, 11/8/2014) on landlords and solar, solar uptake in Germany vs Australia, and getting solar panels on heritage homes. Here’s an extract:

“One of the biggest barriers to the growth of solar in Australia is the lack of incentives for landlords. As a result, very few rented houses have solar”, says Neil Barrett of The Hub Foundation.

“The choice by home owners to install solar panels is usually influenced by both environmental and financial factors,” says Genevieve Cantwell of Cantwell Property Castlemaine, one of the major partners in the MASH+ project.

“For landlords, an investment in solar causes the property to be more appealing to tenants and when it’s sold there’s a capital gain offset. It’s also a positive environmental action which appeals to an increasing number of landlords.”

Read the full article here.