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Solar Matters, Week 3

Read Neil Barrett’s column in The Midland Express (week 3, 22/7/2014) on the scrapping of the carbon tax, why east or west facing roofs are also good for solar panel installation, and the penetration of solar panels on rooftops in Kyneton and Woodend. Here’s an extract:

“The carbon tax has raised electricity prices by just over two cents per Kwh in two years, less than 10 per cent of the big price increases of recent years”, says Neil Barrett of The Hub Foundation.

“The tax has therefore helped to make solar more attractive compared to buying electricity produced from fossil fuels. But as a result of the scrapping of the tax, the savings, which were around $1,000 per year on a 3kW system, will now be around $900.”

“It’s just another belt around the ears for solar. In the rest of the world solar is booming, but we’re going backwards despite the obvious economic and environmental benefits.”

Read the full article here.