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MASH+ aims to help reverse slowdown in solar panel instals in Mt Alexander Shire

2011 was a boom year for the number of solar panel installations on homes in Mount Alexander Shire, as can be seen from the chart below. Of course, back then the feed-in tariff was 60c/kWh which was highly attractive – much better than the 8c/kWh you get now. 

Through the MASH+ solar panels bulk-buy offer, the Hub Foundation (the not-for-profit behind MASH+) is hoping to reverse the slowdown in rooftop installation in Mount Alexander Shire.

Neil Barrett of The Hub Foundation says that now is a great time to ‘go solar’:

Electricity prices are only going in one direction – that’s up – and the cost of solar panels has gone right down. The net result is that, if you’re prepared to change some ways you use electricity, the  savings on your bills and return on investment are still very attractive.

Solar panel installations in Mt Alexander Shire, 2008-2014