MASH+ News

3,500 tonnes less CO2 emissions for our region

Thanks to the first 50 MASH+ customers, there will be 3,500 tonnes less CO2 emissions in our region over the next 20 years.

A truck delivering around 700 panels for the first 50 paid-up customers for the MASH+ solar panels bulk-buy scheme arrived in Castlemaine today (Friday 22 August, 2014). This first bulk order under the MASH+ (Mount Alexander Solar Homes) project will save our Shire and neighbouring Shires 175 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions each year or a total of 3,500 tonnes over the lifetime of the panels. It’s also equivalent to the greenhouse gas emissions generated by 100 people driving their car 11 kilometres each day over the period of one year.

Further ‘batch orders’ will be placed in the coming weeks in smaller lots of around 10 systems at a time, in order to ensure that customers get their solar panels installed on their homes as quickly as possible. With now over 270 householders registered for the MASH+ solar panel bulk-buy project, we are focussing on the installation process to make it as smooth as possible for MASH+ customers. Stephen Breheny, our lead installer for MASH+, has 3 installation teams trained up and ready to start installing systems from the start of next week.

Registrations for the MASH+ project will close on Sunday 31 August, 2014, so anyone in Mt Alexander Shire or neighbouring Shires who is interested in ‘going solar with MASH+’ should visit the website at and complete the no-obligation registration form before that date. Alternatively, call Jo Kaptein on 0455-589-065 to register or if you have any questions.